How AI Gives Me Hopes as a Cancer Survivor

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In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer and went through a journey to recovery (I have been doing pretty well since!). Back then, I often wondered how much time I had left.

Today, I find a glimmer of hope in the recent groundbreaking prognostic study by Dr. Nunez and his collaborators – researchers from BC Cancer and UBC’s computer science and psychiatry departments.

Leveraging AI, they were able to accurately predict (with over 80% accuracy) the survival rate of cancer patients to help with preventing care – all from just their doctors’ notes!

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way doctors assess the risks associated with cancer. It could make the process more efficient and reliable, helping to ensure that more people can experience the joy of recovery as I did.

AI can be used for remarkable purposes; this is just one example of how it can make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many.

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